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Root Zone Optimization Technology probes heat and cool root temperatures to stabilize the optimum temperature range all year round. This increases yield up to 40% and adds an extra growth cycle. Dramatically reduce energy costs and environmental pollution. yield increase 20% to 250% compared between un-cooled and un-heated crops. Superior crop quality. significant shortening of the growing cycle, thus achieving excellent prices. plant flowers in hot climate areas earlier or plant earlier after the winder due to substrate heating. Enhanced moisture retention in the soil in cooled beds during the summer reduces irrigation rates. Reduction in the use of Pesticides.


Irrigates crops by condensing humidity in the air on an external surface of pipes with running cold water at night. Allows farming in remote locations normally unsuited to food production due to water shortages. A closed-cycle system is the only one that can facilitate food production and positively impact the entire food chain, completely off water and electricity grids. the ability of our system to sustain the growth of several crops (lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, spinach, wheat, sorghum, grapevines, and young avocado trees) using only condensed moisture from the air to irrigate the crops. In hot climates, chilling the roots with the cold condensate reduces the plant’s water needs and its transpiration rate. The cost of 1 food ration per person is $0.61*, and therefore one IBC system can save 27,000 – 53,000 $ USD of annual food aid. ($0.61 * 3 rations a * 365days * 40-80 people).